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Libertarianism. Various Aspects of History, Theory and Strategy

Few weeks ago special issue of Universidad Complutense de Madrid’s journal on Libertarianism was published. It contains several articles by Polish scholars and academics who are investigating Liberarian ideas.

We do strongly recommend reading Przemek Hankus’ overview of the question of secession (The Secessionist Processes from Libertarian Perspective), Jacek Sierpiński’s Critique of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Thesis on Lesser Harmfulness of Monarchy than Democracy, a critique of Jan Narveson’s contractarianism as incompatible with Libertarianism by Paweł Nowakowski (Contractarian Libertarianism of Jan Narveson. Is It Still Libertarianism?), characteristic of abolitionist concepts of Lysander Spooner by Wlodek Gogloza (From the Constitutional Abolitionism to the Abolition of the Constitution: Lysander Spooner on Freedom, Slavery and the Limits of the Social Compact) and overview of Murray Rothbard’s Paleolibertarianism by Marcin Chmielowski (Murray N. Rothbard’s Paleolibertarianism. In Search for a Political Success during the Republican Party Presidential Primaries 1992).

All papers are written in English, available in PDF.

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