1. Libertarianism – Beginner’s Guide


An all-round guide to help newcomers familiarize with liberty and freedom.

Head of the project: Mikołaj Noga

e-mail contact: [email protected]

Whom do we seek?:
Since the project is still under development we are on the lookout for people who can help us with(writing elaborates on these) subjects:

  • Libertarianism and liberalism\anarchism\marxism
  • Minarchism
  • Institutions of modern libertarianism
  • Promotion of libertarianism
  • Examples of libertarianism in practice

To help us one has to find texts on a given topic, write a short commentary and an introduction the subject. More information can be acquired by an inquire made on Head’s Facebook profile or via an mailowo.

3. Publication of Murray Rothbard’s biography as a book


Head of the project: Marcin Tora

e-mail contact: [email protected]

Were you willing to help with any of our projects please contact an appropriate head or Robert Mielcarek, Main Coordinator of the Libertarian Association.

Contact: [email protected]