Libertarian Association is an initiative of people who deeply belive in the value/importance of independence. Our goal is the promotion of freedom, liberty and other libertarian values among people.

We all believe that one’s freedom should only be limited by the freedom of others. We are the proponents of civil liberties, people who believe that voluntary actions will always have the upper hand over the enforced ones and allies of libertarianism and liberalism What we do is promotion of our beliefs at both national and local levels.

A considerable part of our actions is organization of various conferences and meetings, where all participants have the opportunity to either familiarize themselves with libertarianism or deepen their knowledge in this field.

Only concrete and visible actions can influence people and show them the importance of freedom in their lives.

We invite you to participation in our actions and events and we’re always open to fresh ideas and initiatives. Were you to find some free time and will to help us with our task of promoting our philosophy just attend any of our weekly meeting held in most big cities or let us know via our site.

The Association was formally registered in August 2013.

Libertarian Association Statute

Our members

Przemysław Hankus

KRS: 0000475060

REGON: 360169993
NIP: 897-180-32-20

Association’s Authorities:

President of the Board: Przemysław Hankus

Deputy President of the Board: Wojciech Walczak

Audit Commission: Radosław Maziarka, Bartosz Dziewa, Maciej Musiał

Bank Account

84 1750 0012 0000 0000 2810 3468


IBAN: PL84 1750 0012 0000 0000 2810 3468

Stowarzyszenie Libertariańskie
ul. Rynek 56/57
50-116 Wrocław


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